Complete SEO Audit Report of your Website

Complete SEO Audit Report of your Website
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Complete SEO Audit report of your website.

At Glance

✓ Complete SEO audit will give you a full picture of the effectiveness of your website.
✓ It'll show you where, and why you need to take action and tips on how you can optimize your website to foster traffic that is targeted.
✓ Complete SEO audit are appropriate for all company not matter the volume.
✓ Inform you of Search Engine Optimization pitfalls, which will be doing serious damage to your online reputation and the success to your campaign.

You can check the following factors free on different available free plans

–Site speed

But I will Pinpoint every detail of your website (small or big) that could be or maybe holding you back from better Google rankings.
To get most from your website in “Complete SEO audit” I will provide you the complete and comprehensive report with recommended changes in plain English text to you so that you can claim the throne in Google.

♛♛ What will include in complete SEO audit ♛♛

✓ General Overview - Specific advice related to the general workings of your site:
✓ Broken Internal + Outbound Links - Website look bad if you have broken links, I will identify them and any external broken pages you are linking to, and will suggest an alternative.
✓ Robots.txt and Sitemap - I will check these core parts of your website are functioning correctly.
✓ Google Indexing Test - I will make sure your pages are being successfully indexed by Google, and provide instructions on how to rectify if not.

Complete Backlink Analysis - You will get detailed and comprehensive Link reports of the following

✓ Keyword Analysis - How your site is responding for the keywords that you’re targeting
✓ Mobile Responsiveness – I will open all of your site links manually and by robot and observe, “Does your site look great and work well on mobile”? If not, why not?
✓ Meta Titles and Descriptions - advice on how to maximize CTR.

✓ Image Alt Tags - We will explore all your site’s images to make sure they are optimized well, and provide suggestions.
✓ Keyword Research - Get the most from Google’s Semantic Search.
✓ Load time overview.

✓ Use of Headings Tags - A detailed look at your use of headings, in relation to keywords and readability.

✓ Speed – You will get in Complete seo audit report that
which elements of your site may be causing slow loading, and what you can do to fix them: