How ZvMarket Works

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You can easily Buy any SEO and Social Media Packages that are currently available. Any service offered on ZvMarket is called an “Item” and we are not fixed price marketplace. is not the largest marketplace for services and there is reason for that. We don’t allow every seller to sell his or her Items on ZvMarket. We only select those sellers whose expertise is proven 100% reliable to support department before it goes live to purchase. So if you are buyer then you can buy any available items with confidence.

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Signing up to ZVMarket is free and is essential to purchase our avaiable items.You can create an account using following link
Only registered users can buy and sell items on ZVMarket. You can choose any username you want while signing up. There is no restriction to that. Plus if you don’t want to use your real email with us you can use any disposable email. But we don’t recommend it.

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After successful registration, you can browse the homepage or use the search option to find any available Item you wish to purchase. Once you find an Item, read the description of the Item. If you would like to make a purchase, just click on purchase now button.
You have several ways to pay for the Items. Payment will not sent directly to seller account but ZvMarket will collect it. Each order is protected by 30 days guarantee. If seller successfully deliver the work and the buyer is satisfied then payment will be released to seller.

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Buyers have the option to give positive or negative rating. If for any reason the buyer is not satisfied with the work, he / she can reject the delivered work and request for Cancellation. If seller is not responding to your request you can always contact support try Live Chat
Our Live Chat are available from:
Mon-Sat 3:00 AM to 3PM GMT
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