SEO Order Requirements for Buyers

What Seller Request to the buyer for Getting Started after Purchase?

Short Summary:-

✅ Provide maximum keywords so that writer can write/scrape an article, or specify your niche, or even better write two lines about your website.

✅Maximum anchor text so that SEO Experts can use all randomly. (up to 10 for one URL)

✅ URL: Specify how many links you want SEO Expert to use in each article. (For best results 2 to 3)

Explained SEO Order Requirements

The Google Core Algorithm is based on links, and that hasn’t changed since the inception of Google. Google confirmed that Backlinks are the #1 ranking factor and said: “Ranking without links is hard.”

The most common question we hear from our buyer is “what is SEO order requirements to get started”. Most buyers only need SEO; they just don’t know what it involves or where to begin. Every buyer has to follow these guidelines to get 100% successful results.

Every SEO seller will request you to provide few information to start your order. Each seller has their way of link building and therefore will have different requirements.

Before you place an order with any SEO Expert, you have to manage these first.


Keywords are used to write an article therefore you have to provide maximum keywords so that writer can get the idea about your site. If seller is not asking for anchor text then he may use these keywords as anchor text. If you don’t want SEO expert to use your keywords as anchor text then you have to discuss it.

Anchor text:

Anchor Text is the visible, clickable text in a hyperlink. You have to provide anchor text maximum. All anchor text will be used randomly.

Web URL:

Your website URL which need Backlinks. It can be main page, or inner page of your website, sales page from marketplace website such as amazon and eBay, or Facebook, Twitter profile. At least one URL is needed to start the order

Site descriptions:

One or two lines of site description will give more sense to your SEO Expert.

Define URL Limit

You have to decide how many URL you want SEO Expert to use in each article. Search engines don’t care even if you use 10 links /article. For best results we only recommend 1 to 3.

Important instructions:

All Web Pages / URL should be from same niche.

Scrape article means “Copy/Paste” Spun with spinner to remove plagiarism.