SEO Order Requirements for Buyers

What Seller Request to the buyer for Getting Started after Purchase?

SEO Agencies always ask a few things that are important to build backlinks for your site. Some SEO agencies have few requirements, and yet some need much more detailed information. So I will try to summarize those things for you so you can understand.

Short Version: If you know what you are doing then just provide the following information to your agency and you are good to go.

  • Few anchor texts, more the better for anchor text diversity
  • Website URL that needs backlinks (2 to 10 links) – For best result provide only 1
  • Decide how many of your website links should be added to each backlink? (For example, you provide 5 URL, but want SEO agencies to use randomly 1 link/backlink – Recommended is 1 or 2 )
  • Niche name (Most SEO Agencies scrape articles based on niche name, not based on keywords )

The correct format to provide the above information


Anchor text : ZvMarket, SEO, SMM, Social Media Packages


Anchor text, SEO Packages, SEO Ranking Factors, High PR Backlinks

  • Use only one URL randomly 
  • Niche name: Online Marketplace

Long Version: – We have noticed over the years that the majority of SEO buyers don’t have any clues about the basics of SEO. Buyers need to understand a few fundamental pieces before investing their money unplanned & madly.

Keywords:- Keywords also called search queries are the words that we enter into search engines such as Keywords are the main heart of your topic that defines what your content is about.

Example: Your website is about selling Smartwatches. As we know there are over 10 brands highly reputable that are offering smartwatches. If you are writing an article on your website or adding a product about Samsung Galaxy active 2 then Samsung Galaxy active 2 will be your main keyword. Most SEO agencies ask for keywords so they can write an article for the link building process.

Anchor Text:

If you are reading an article on any website you may notice blue underlined text. If you click on that text you will move to another site.

Example: SEO Guidelines are important for better ranking.

In the above example, “SEO Guidelines” is an Anchor text while the rest of the words is just contents.

Few Golden Truths that never change in SEO

No matter if you are writing an article about Samsung Galaxy Active 2 or adding as a product on your website, make sure your article meet the following requirements.  

  • Paragraph and sentence should be small and contain H1 and H2 headings
  • If your words are 700 to 1000 then add 3 to 4 times your main keywords.
  • First and the last paragraph should sound concluding and contain your keyword
  • Always add external power link (in our example, Samsung official product page)
  • Add Minimum one video link and at least 2 pictures with description
  • If possible add Facebook Post link / Twitter link of your sales page
  • Don’t ever forget to add meta description

What is Indexing and why it’s Important:-

Indexing is everything in SEO. Search engine (like Google) contains database about the billions of webpages on the web. This database has an organized index that helps to tell the exact location of a page, website or link. 

When Google’s bots crawl the web, they detect new links on web pages and sites and add them to the index. This process is called indexing.

Indexing takes time as Google has to prioritize fresh links based on numerous factors. Therefore some special SEO agencies use third party services such as OneHourIndexing, Lindexed, Indexification, etc to index those backlinks.

Side Note:-

  • PBN is powerful only if DONE right otherwise can destroy your business. Too many factors to considers such as hosting, Ip’s, DA/PA, Spam score, DR, TF, CF, Age, indexing status, Niche and much more when purchasing the PBN
  • Try to create few backlinks on your site categories to distribute power
  • At least post one article/day on medium, WordPress, Evernote, etc.