Terms of Service

Terms of Service

Last Update: November 2016

This terms of service are agreement between the owner and operator of this site (www.zvmarket.com) and you (user). If you are planning to sell or intends to buy on this website, you hereby agree to our terms of service. By accessing this website, you agree to bound by this agreement. We have rights to amend this agreement at any time and we may or may not notify you. Therefore, it is recommended to keep tab on this terms of service.

User accounts:

It is necessary in some case to create a login to use ZVMarket. You must complete your profile accurate and truthful. You have the option to choose your username. Where required, we can assign or change your username and password.

  • You are not allowed to sell or purchase your accounts
  • You are not allowed to keep more than one account
  • You are not allowed to use someone else account
  • You agree we can delete your account if you violate ZVMarket or third party’s terms of service and Privacy Policy. You could be held responsible for the damage.
  • You agree to notify ZVMarket immediately if your account is compromised in any case.

ZVMarket Navigation  

After registrations we grant you limited, non-transferable and fully revocable access to use ZVMarket as permitted by us. You agree to follow the rules listed below:

  • You will not modify, revers engineer, sell, rent and distribute any portion of the ZVMarket.
  • You may not use ZVMarket on a computer which is used in nuclear facilities and any other critical applications

User Data

Anything that you submit to ZVMarket including but not limited to audio messages, video, photos, images or any other information will be referred to as “User Data” in this agreement. All the user data that you submit to us will be owned by you and you are solely responsible from liability associated to user data. We don’t provide guarantee the safety and security of the user data. The ZVMarket does not monitor or verify any user submitted data. We may remove or modify user data if found to be in violation of our agreement. It is important that you should know and grant us the license so that we may use user data to transmit information to other user on this ZVMarket.

ZVMarket Availability and Modifications

We will attempt to provide continuous availability of ZVMarket to you, but we do not guarantee that ZVMarket will always be available. We reserve the right to modify, update, alter or remove our ZVMarket at any time for various reasons and we are not required to explain such actions.

Payment and Purchasing Rules

Buyer have to pay ZVMarket to create an order from seller’s page. Buyer can request custom offer through ZVMarket. Anything available to buy on ZVMarket can be purchase by using available payment system that may change time to time. Processing fees are added at the time of purchase. These fees cover administrator and payment processing fees. Seller will receive fees minus any fees deducted by ZVMarket. If you wish to buy anything on ZVMarket you agree that we may charge your payment method on file and you are agree to pay the fees listed on ZVMarket. You will not offer any payment to seller other than ZVMarket.com site. Allow our payment vendor to collect your information for the purpose of collecting payments.

How orders are handled

When buyer place an order, the seller and buyer both will be notified by email. Sellers have to fulfill what he/she promise in the purchasing item description. In case of late delivery buyer have the rights to cancel the order only if seller is not responding. But it is recommended to negotiate before cancelling the order. Seller must send completed files or proof to mark the order as delivered. If buyer didn’t like the delivered work, he/she may can reject the order. Both buyer and seller can provide the feedback review when an order successfully complete. Once the feedback submitted to ZVMarket it cannot be changed or removed.

Disputes and Cancellations

We always endorse our buyer and seller to negotiate and settle conflicts amongst themselves. If for any reason this fail, seller and buyer can contact us at Help@zvmarket.com. ZVMarket support team will look into this matter as soon as possible. Buyer and seller are agree that decision of ZVMarket will be final and cannot be challenge in any court of law. Once the order gets complete it cannot be cancel. If in any case user file transaction dispute through payment provider, the funds will be ineligible for refund and account may get restricted, deleted or freeze. ZVMarket reserves the right to cancel order or place funds on hold for any suspected transaction made on the site. In case of order cancellation, ZVMarket may return your money (after deducting the processing fee) into your account balance or to your payment provider depending on the ease. Please read Refund Policy for SMM Services here


In violation of terms of service user account may get on hold, restricted, deleted or permanently disabled.

Following points are non-permitted on ZVMarket

  • You are not allowed to write, exchange, display or promote anything that is related or near to adult services and Pornography.
  • You are not allowed to bullying, hate speech and harassment. Communication on ZVMarket should be friendly.
  • You are not allowed to publish or send malicious content that may compromise the ZVMarket functionality.
  • You are not allowed to publish/post other people confidential information
  • You are not allowed to sell which is protected by copyright.
  • You are not allowed to use ZVMarket for illegal activities
  • You are not allowed to sell or buy ZVMarket account

ZVMarket, their licensor, service provider, its affiliates, officers, agents and employees will not be liable under any legal theory arising in connection with your use or inability to use.